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When, where, do you need it?  .... Just DO IT!!


Time is the most expensive resource in our days. Junior knows.

This is the main reason to contact us.


 Full services, NO LIMITS!!!


When you must choose a Freight Forwarding Company you do not need  only transport.

Our offer is a full services packet, our experienced team allows you full satisfaction.

From our site to any place you want, no problems, NO LIMITS!!!


Security from the begining to the end!!


Junior Freight Forwarding takes the same care of your goods as the owner. 

No matter weight or kind of product you send, we carry it as you want, with absolute certainty.



We are a trading company of great national and international prestige and has been operating on the market for more than 20 years. It is made up of a team of experienced, qualified sector professionals.


    Our mission consists of listening to customers' requirements to offer an integral, customised service in transport, logistics, customs administration and service assessment.


The company is part of the “Ecu-line/ HCL” Group, which is made up of the most representative companies in world logistics, and it has an extensive network of offices in the main cities of the world.


Junior is characterised by:


                • Its service quality, guaranteed by the “UNE EN ISO-9001 Quality Assurance System 2000” for more than 10 years and by the loyalty of the large enterprises that work with us.

               • Innovation. We adapt to the continuous changes required by the market. One example is our certificate as an Authorised Economic Operator in AEOF customs simplification, which is issued on the basis of the requirements and conditions of the European Commission. This means that Junior is recognised by the Tax Authorities as a trustworthy agent in accordance with European legislation.

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