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China Trading


From Junior Freight Forwarding you can have personalized services through our international trade department, where you count with the necessary management to adjust to the internationalization of each project or company.


In the department of International Trade studies are performed at no cost to get an overview of the project and to analyze its viability.


Among other services offers the possibility of obtaining:


Best means of transportation, dynamic processes and efficient transport within the lead time necessary.

Document Processing.

Assessments of the means of international payment.

Market studies.customs procedures.

Minimizing dependence on a single economic cycle.

Tax reduction (single and mandatory).

Lower concentration of risks.Increased competition in the domestic and international markets.International Marketing Plan.

International procurement plan.


Our professionals work carefully about the costs of their customer by offering solutions tailored to each product at the time of internationalization or nationalization.


As a customs agent, Junior Freight Forwarding, studying the most appropriate customs procedure, analyzes the tariff codes, advising on the most appropriate

Incoterms to be used to achieve cost minimization his client.


.Junior Freight Forwarding works by seizing the opportunities of globalization and the virtues of international trade

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China offers unbeatable prices and productivity.

Its growth is exciting and will help you grow too.

Chinese manufacturers can comply with contracts impossible to achieve for other manufacturers. Any product can be done in China. Chinese can design from a sketch an idea, they send the samples and undertake mass production.


China is reliable; its growth last year was almost 12%. The business formula for success is harmony between what you can offer and what you need in the market. We propose a deal: find a niche, and we will fulfill it.


Learn about the services we offer:


Find the best supplier

Contracts and Legal Support

Protect your Investment

Quality Control

Transportation of Goods Customs


Our mission is to discover for you a different country, with many possibilities, facilitate the first steps to your importing process and prevent any possible problems with your relationship with China. For employers and entrepreneurs who work with us, we consider them partners, not customers. We think we do not only provide services, we desire mutual growth. A business with China is beneficial but complex. Making the first deals is not easy or quick. We handle the bulk of work required to establish the trade business for importing goods from China, and now we have a wide experience that took several years in the Chinese market

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