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Temporary Deposit Warehouse 

What is a Temporary Deposit Warehouse (TDA)?

It is a center authorized to receive import goods directly from abroad without prior presentation to Customs.
When goods enter the Customs Territory of the Union, they must be brought before Customs and made available
The increase in import operations made it impossible for the Administration to store goods from other countries on its premises. Therefore, it authorized the logistics operators, in compliance with strict security requirements, to store these goods in its facilities. The Administration had total access and control, both physical and computerized.

The advantages of the Temporary Deposit Warehouse

Receipt of non-EU goods under the customs exclusion regime.
Delayed payment of customs duties and VAT up to a maximum of 90 days.
An unlimited period of time until the final destination is determined.
Cost reduction by avoiding storage in airport terminals.
Allows for partial departures instead of total cargo.
Avoids accumulation of stock.
"ADT's authorization allows us to offer a storage service for goods coming from non-EU countries without the need to pay additional taxes, and with the possibility of making partial departures".

Bonded Warehouse

What is the Customs Bonded Warehouse (DA)?

The Customs Warehouse (DA) is an economic system by which goods coming from outside the EU are stored under the control of the customs, in an authorized center without any kind of tax and allows:

The handling of non-EU goods under the customs exclusion regime.
Savings in customs duties and VAT on re-exports to countries outside the European Union.
Delayed payment of duties and VAT until the goods are no longer needed in Europe.
The main advantages of the Customs Deposit are;
Unlimited permanence until the final destination.
No payment of taxes is required.
Avoids the accumulation of stock.
Cost reduction in port terminals.
Planning of partial departures.
"The DA is an alternative for our clients who operate in international markets and who need a warehouse in Spain where they can store indefinitely goods coming from outside the EU without incurring any type of tax".

Merchandise Storage

We take care of the reception, verification and location of your merchandise, managing their inventories according to the parameters that you decide and ensuring at all times the goods.


From contracting our services you will not have to worry for space or the problems generated by the purchase of large items.


Forget the collapse, the disadvantages and problems caused by lack of space.


Given all times at your fingertips information about entries and deliveries as well as the actual state of their stocks by our IT management. The information will allow you to make the right decisions for your business and can know the value of their stocks and to meet other data that could be decisive in the management of your company: product turnover, classification, etc.

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