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Aduanas, Operador Economico, OEA

We offer our customs brokerageservice in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Vigo, Alicante, Algeciras, Tarragona, Las Palmas and Tenerife. At all these locations, our customs broker staff keeps very in mind that customs procedures play a key role in the modern supply chain. A good setup can save precious time and simultaneously optimise the financial and fiscal impact of international trade to a company. TIBA has developed a real especialty in tailor-made customs brokerage solutions, where reducing time and cost is our number one focus.


Authorised Economic Operator

Junior is one of the first freight forwarders & customs broker to become AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) in Spain. As such, our customers benefit from lower customs inspections and increased speed in their supply chain.


Customs Brokers

Special customs brokerage services


Fiscal representation

VAT registration

EORI registration

Intrastat filing

Bonded warehouse

VAT warehouse

Inward processing relief (RPA)

Outward processing relief (RPP)

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